'We just LOVE our boys'

This is what happens when two animal fanatics collide! 


CatDogBox started off as a notebook of ideas, where Khiran and Louise would doodle ways to incorporate both their love and passion for all things furry.


The first box was hand drawn with loads of enthusiasm, tonnes of excitement and lots of crazy! This simple drawing sparked their mission to transform words into a tangible product to share with Cat and Dog parents just like them.


Quality means is everything for these two. “One of the boys has an insensitivity to fish and beef” Khiran says “I didn’t even know that was a thing and felt I had let my boy down by not recognizing sooner!” As a result they take the utmost care to handcraft in small batches, quality treats that won’t upset your furry friend.


For Louise she says “I can’t imagine my life without my Frank”. She has invested years researching to keep her boy in optimal health so they can live a long and happy life together.


They want each box to be a treat for the animal and a special moment for the fur parent. “We know our customers, they are us”. 

They explain, a CatDogBox customer is the type of person who orders online with their Cat or Dog on their lap, telling them “Your box is ordered buddy, we made a good choice” followed by “Matey are you excited? "

CatDogBox people share the experience with their pet.

“Nothing brings us more joy than animals, we are so lucky to have them in our lives - whether you are an absolute angel with a rescue baby or own a Cat or Dog more beautiful than both of us on our best hair day, every baby deserves to be spoilt with a CatDogBox.”

Love Khiran and Louise x