A day in the life of Frank the Pug

Updated: Apr 27, 2020




3 years old, born 2016


9 kg (11kg at Christmas)



Born and raised in Auckland, NZ , Frank loves to nap EVERYWHERE, people watch at parks, and go everywhere with his human dad, James!

What do your mornings look like?

My day starts like most of yours, a fight with myself to get up instead of staying in bed, then BREAKFAST! My mum feeds me exactly 1.5 cubes of meat and I dig in! After noms, its time for a quick walk since I'm not that into fitness, then back home to get ready for work. I am an apprentice builder don't you know!

In the afternoons, I am…

Sleeping. Its always a good time for a nap! This time though, I might opt for a nap in the sun, it's currently summer in NZ so dad has to watch I don't turn into a prune.

Do you have any nighttime rituals?

Before bed, I love to grab every toy I own and bring them to mum so that I can decide which game to play. I then wrestle with dad and make sure to knock all the pillows to the ground – it’s so fun! Mum just loves when we do that. Then I chug water and make a quick trip outside before hitting my Mum's pillow for the night to sleep on her head, she doesn't mind. 😉

Need more Frank in your life? IG: @frank.says.relax

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