Tips for choosing a toy your dog will LOVE

Choosing toys for your dog can be a challenge, especially with so many different products on the market. Most dogs will get excited by a new toy, but it can be harder to pick something they will enjoy for many months to come. There are many things to consider when choosing what toy to get your four-legged friend – they should be fun, durable, tailored to your dog’s size and most of all, safe. We've put together a short guide to help you find a toy your dog will love...

1. Pick an appropriately sized toy

When selecting a toy for your dog one of the first things to consider is the size of your dog. As if the toy is too big, your dog may not like to play with it at all, but if it is too small, they might accidentally swallow it or choke on it. When looking at toys, as a guide you should choose a toy that is small enough for your dog to use, but not so small that it could become lodged in his mouth or throat. To help you decide many leading toy manufacturers size guidelines on their products based on the weight of your dog to help you decide what sized toy is best suited for your dog.

2. Your pet's safety comes first

When it comes to pet toys safety is also very important! A dog toy should be soft enough to not damage their teeth but not so soft that it will break into pieces too easily. But no matter how durable a toy claims to be it is always good to inspect your dog's toys regularly to make sure they are in good condition and to avoid choking risks from small pieces coming off the toy and being swallowed. And remember, always buy toys that have been specifically designed for dog, as other toys may contain small parts that may be dangerous if swallowed.

3. Keeping it exciting with a variety of toys

Just like kids, dogs and puppies can easily get bored with their toys so it is always a good idea to keep a few different toys around so that from time to time you can rotate the toys out. This helps to keep your pet entertained and engaged with their toys and also helps for the toys to last longer.

4. Figure out your dog's chew level

Another thing to keep in mind when buying a new toy for your dog is what type of chewer is your pet. Some dogs are gentle with their toys whereas others are chronic destroyers and will shred and rip apart any toy at the first given opportunity. Once you learn what kind of chewer your dog is you are more likely to get toys that they not only enjoy but that also last!

Our top picks

Our top picks...

These beautiful suede leather toys are suitable for dogs of all sizes. They are made of strong jute fabric and covered with real soft suede leather which makes them really long lasting.

As we have just mentioned, pets safety comes first... these toys are harmless to pets gums and digestion as they are filled with coconut fiber, are 100% made of natural materials and thus allergy-free. No more stuffing explosions.... and look at some of the beautiful designs.

These toys are one of the products which will feature in our DogBox.

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