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Nov 14, 2020 The UA will check if it has received the EPP OID of the Identification. If the UA has a registration for the , but it did not receive the EPP OID, it will indicate that there is a missing EPP Registration. The UA checks if the EPP Registration is valid. The UA also sends the following information to the : .The  is included in the UA’s reply to the registration request. .The  contains the OID and the creation date of the  . The UA should not display a message if the OID is not a well known OID. The UA should not display a message if the EPP Registration has expired. Oct 6, 2018 An attestation challenge ([MS-WCCE] section for the . The device serial number attribute of the DN from the Subject of . Aug 2, 2017 (1) If the device has a unique MAC address, the user must create a new CA on the device using the ICA address. Download . (2) If the device is already installed, the CA should be uninstalled before creating the new CA. Uninstall . (3) Use ICA to unregister the old CA. Do not use an old CA to create a new one. iExplorer . (4) Use ICA to register the new CA. Use . (5) Use ICA to verify the CA that was created. Check the new CA is installed. Use . (6) If the device is a non-Windows device, install the CA to the device. If the device is a Windows device, use the Windows command prompt to install the CA. Nov 24, 2020 (1) Uninstalling the CA might change the DN of the  . Uninstall . (2) A new CA must be created to validate the PKCS#11 certificate of the CA. Download . Aug 15, 2020 After the authentication, the user and the CA communicate with each other through a secure connection. During the communication, the user must use a secure connection to prevent eavesdropping by an unauthorized party. All information exchanged between the user and the CA is encrypted using a secure connection. Note




IExplorer With Serial Download

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